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Opti­cal Mea­sure­ment Services

We mea­sure with own devices macro­scop­i­cally and micro­scop­i­cally own and for­eign prod­ucts of our cus­tomers in order to qual­ify them and to find unknown para­me­ters.

Mea­sured can be among oth­ers inter alia

  • view­ing angle
  • bright­ness
  • reflec­tion
  • trans­mis­sion
  • polar­iza­tion
  • retar­da­tion
  • MURA
  • spec­tral resolution
  • Gamut
  • CRI

and com­bi­na­tions of opti­cal val­ues, for exam­ple, by angle, area, tem­per­a­ture or humid­ity.

These ser­vices are availed on B2B basis of both spe­cific projects as well as independently.


Optical Measurement Services


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