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Optical Bonding

Opti­cal Bonding

We offer our tech­ni­cal exper­tise in the field of opti­cal bond­ing as a full ser­vice provider. For this, we run through the full range of problem-​solving:

The non­de­struc­tive analy­sis of bonded parts, also of those bonded by third par­ties, exam­ines the qual­ity and pro­vides indi­ca­tions as to who must ini­ti­ate what nec­es­sary steps to improve the qual­ity.
We also assist in the selec­tion of required mate­ri­als, adhe­sives or pro­ce­dures to imple­ment the best alter­na­tives for the dis­play.
In addi­tion, we are capa­ble to imple­ment these improve­ments by our­selves. With part­ners even for larger quan­ti­ties.

Finally, it is part of the com­pe­tence to sup­port those com­pa­nies that offer opti­cal bond­ing their selves as a ser­vice. Fol­low­ing the exam­ple of help­ing peo­ple help them­selves mean­ing­ful tips and advanced edu­ca­tions are offered.


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