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indi­vid­ual approaches and solutions

Our solu­tions are based on our under­stand­ing of cus­tomer con­cerns. Only in this way can prob­lems be solved per­ma­nently. This applies to embed­ded dis­plays, touch sys­tems, obso­les­cence man­age­ment and tech­ni­cal lighting. In prin­ci­ple, the entire band­width of phys­i­cal processes is involved.


embedded displays

embedded displays

All com­po­nents in dis­plays are highly inter­de­pen­dent and must be adjusted in par­al­lel.
Any prob­lems are also accel­er­ated by a com­bi­na­tion of incor­rect and inad­e­quately adapted processes.

touch systems

touch systems

There is no one-​fits-​all solu­tion. As dif­fer­ent as the con­di­tions are, so dif­fer­ent must be touch dis­plays.
How­ever, mutual depen­den­cies arise between the sys­tem and components.

optical bonding

optical bonding

We offer our tech­ni­cal exper­tise in the field of opti­cal bond­ing as a full ser­vice provider.
For this, we run through the full range of problem-​solving:



In order to ensure that obso­les­cence man­age­ment works, the avail­abil­ity of parts must be rea­son­ably planned.
In addi­tion to stock­hold­ing and data­bases, this also includes changes to approvals, tests to be fol­lowed and specifications.


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About Us

As a ser­vice cen­ter with a lot of locally avail­able expe­ri­ence and a broad range of ser­vices, we want to make know-​how for tech­ni­cal solu­tions avail­able selec­tively and on demand for com­pa­nies when needs be.

Our goal is a tech­nol­ogy park for high-​tech com­pa­nies in the field of applied physics


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